Steps To Be Followed In Case Of Injury At Workplace


Meeting an accident at the workplace can be very traumatizing for the employee and their family. Since the incident happened on the premises of the company, the employer bears the responsibility of reporting the accident, providing immediate medical first aid, transporting the worker to the nearest medical facility and compensation for the injury. To know more about the worker’s compensation system’s rules and applicability, click here. Depending upon the extent of the loss and the complexity of the claim being contested by the employer, you may need to hire a specialized workers compensation lawyer. To clarify your doubts and questions regarding the applicability of a personal injury law, simply visit

By following a few simple steps, you can secure your right for compensation in the event of an accident. The first thing to remember is that you will need to communicate the details of your injury to your employer at the earliest about so that immediate medical assistance can be arranged. Your supervisor should prepare a written report regarding the accident which will become a vital document for determining the compensation payout.

In case your supervisor refuses to write the report, write a letter yourself, stating the facts of the accident and details of injuries, giving one copy to your employer and keeping another to yourself. If you are a member of a workers’ union, you will also need to submit a report to the association, since these units work independently for the welfare of workers. They will help you in getting claims settled fairly by the employer.

As per government rules, you will need to get the first medical check up done by your employer’s medical representative. Getting the treatment processed through a company doctor maintains the transparency of the medical treatment details. All the medical costs related to this preliminary report are borne by the employer directly. This way, you need not jostle compensation procedures to get your medical bills reimbursed later. In case you are not satisfied with the assistance given by the company doctor, or the employer and insurance companies deny payment for the medical cost, you have the right to seek more effective medical care. For shifting the medical treatment from the company doctor to another, an alternative care petition should be filled with the help of your lawyer.

Often after treatment, the doctor will issue certain work restrictions to better aid the healing process. You should get this instruction in writing to avoid unnecessary disputes with your employer at a later date. In case the injury causes an inability to work efficiently, the employee can ask for a rehabilitation period or a transfer to a more appropriate work profile. The job can also be given to one of the worker’s dependents who are above 18 years of age.

You should put a formal notice mentioning your injuries to your employer, insurance company and the court. In case you face any trouble or harassment from your employer after you rejoin duty, report it immediately in court as it is a legal offence. By taking above mentioned steps, you can protect your worker rights and get compensated in the best possible way.

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